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Detailed list of materials and labour needed below!

A Note from the Director

Quite possibly the oldest buildings on Eagle’s Nest property is the “log cabin”. Almost every previous Director at Eagle’s Nest has at some point lived in this building. In 2012 this building began to have issues with mice and mold to the point where it was not livable. In 2013 a new 20 wide mobile home was purchased and set up adjacent to this log cabin. Since then this dwelling has sat empty. Over the last 3 years that we have lived here I have often wondered if it would be possible to make this place livable again. Since we have not needed it up to this point it has sat vacant. As the need for more staff members here at Eagle’s Nest arose, so did my thoughts on where these people would live. Last year (2019) we hired someone for the summer months for the first time. Housing was an issue right away and we could have put this place to use.

We are actively looking for someone to come and join us in order to improve our summer camp program and explore more areas of ministry. If we can get this cabin ready to be lived in it would be a huge hurdle overcome. For a relatively low cost we could revive this beautiful cabin so that it could be utilized for the glory of God! In January of 2020 the board of directors approved the restoration of this building and set a budget of $25,000.00.  I am looking for contractors who would be willing to do a particular project and people willing to help with labour as well as donations of materials. My prayer is that God would use you in whatever capacity He has gifted you with for His glory. 


God Bless


Dwayne Dyck

General Director


PROJECT 1 Install 4 new windows

15 hours labour

Deadline: March 31


PROJECT 2 Build and Insulate New Floor 

50 hrs labour

Deadline March 31


PROJECT 3 Frame Inside Walls and Stairway

20-30 hours labour

Deadline: March 31

Project 4 Line Walls with T&G Boards and Varnish

20-30 hours labour

Deadline: April 30th


Project 5 Install Kitchen Counters & Vanity

30 hours labour

Deadline: April 30th


Project 6 Flooring throughout

50 hours labour

Deadline May 30th


Project 7 Install doors, baseboard and trim

50 hours labour

Deadline May 30th

Material Needed





700 sq ft of subfloor


47"W X 40"H

47"W X 38"H

39"W X 39"H

39"W X 39"H

Inside Walls

1200 sq ft of t&g pine boards

5 gallons white paint

13 gallons varnish

Bathroom supplies


2 vanities with sinks

Pedestal Sink

36" Corner Shower

Towel Bars


Light Fixtures

Ceiling Fan

Room light fixtures

Vanity Light fixture



400 sq ft of rug for bedrooms

700 sq ft of hard flooring for main areas


Doors & Trims

5 inside doors

3 closet doors

2 outside doors

500’ of trim





Dryer/Washer Laundry Centre




Table & Chairs

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